Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ten National Archery Records Set For India

Ten National records set
Special Correspondent

JAMSHEDPUR: It rained records at the JRD Tata Sports Complex here during the 28th senior National archery championship. As many as 10 National records were set on a day that was marred by intermittent rain.

Jayanta Talukdar, the highest-ranked Indian man in the world at 26, upstaged the individual overall FITA round record by accumulating 1,354 points. Kh. Ratan Kumar of Services also produced a new mark totalling 1,357 in the compound bow section.
There were four more individual records. Dola Banerjee’s 331 in the 50m bested her own mark of 328 set at Ernakulam in 2005. Bhegyabati Chanu’s 338 in the women’s compound 70m was better than Jhanu Hansdah’s 334 set at Kolkata in 2006.
S. Basanta of Manipur scored 329 points in the 50m of Indian round. This bettered 326 by Th. Sanatamba Singh of Manipur set at Vijayawada last year. Pratibha Boro too established a record in the women’s 30m with a total of 332. The previous record was 322 by L. Gitanjali Devi of Manipur set last year.Finalists
All the finalists have been identified in the Olympic round individual round in women’s recurve, men’s and women’s compound and in Indian rounds. Dola Banerjee and L. Bombayla Devi would contest for the women’s recurve gold medal while Jharkhand teammates Namita Yadav and Niva Kerketta would fight for the women’s compound gold.
Santosh Tamang of Services and Vikash Sherawat of Delhi moved into the final of the men’s compound individual section. The surprise of the day was the elimination of reigning queen of women’s compound in the country, Jhanu Hansdah, and the second best archer Bhegyabati Chanu. National champion Jhanu lost to Statemate Sumanlata Murmu in the pre-quarterfinals at 111-112 while Bhegyabati lost to Shreya Sen of Manipur in the quarterfinals at 104-106.
The men’s individual Olympic round and team Olympic rounds and other individual finals would be held on Thursday.
The results: Recurve, men: 50m: 1. Jayanta Talukdar (SP) 336 points; 2. K. Ngama Kom (Mani) 334 (16); 3. Priyank (UP) 334 (15). 30m: 1. Talukdar 353 (29,15); 2. Priyank 353 (29,12); 3. Rahul Banerjee (SP) 352.
Overall: 1. Talukdar 1354 (NR, previous 1350 by Talukdar, Kolkata, 06); 2. Priyank 1353; 3. Mangal Singh Champia (Rlys) 1341. FITA team: 1. Steel Plant 3998 (NR, previous 3961 by Jharkhand, Kolkata, 06); 2. Services 3937; 3. UP 3885. Women, FITA team: 1. Railways 3949 (NR, previous UP 3908, Kolkata, 06); 2. Steel Plant 3867; 3. Jharkhand 3755. Compound, men: 30m: 1. Kh. Ratan Kumar (Ser) 357; 2. Jayanti Lal (Raj) 355 (32); 3. Chungda Sherpa (Ser) 355 (31, 16). Overall: 1. Kh. Ratan Kumar (Ser) 1357 (87) (NR, pre-1353 by Naresh Damor, Kolkata, 06); 2. Chungda Sherpa 1357 (80); 3. Babban Kumar (MP) 1349. Team: 1. Services 4056 (NR, previous 3966 by Jharkhand, Kolkata, 06); 2. MP 4030; 3. AP 3955. Women, 50m: 1. Sweety Kumari (MP) 339; 2. Jhanu Hansdah (Jhar) 338; 3. Virushali Gorle (Mah) 334. 30m: 1. Manjudha Soy (Del) 352; 2. Niva Kerketta (Jhar) 350; 3. Bhegyabati Chanu 347. Overall: 1. Jhanu Hansdah 1348; 2. Bhegyabati 1344; 3. Renu Munda (MP) 1329. Indian round, men’s team: 1. Manipur 1927 (NR, pre-1918 by Services, Jamshedpur, 06); 2. Services 1913; 3. MP 1909.

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