Sunday, October 28, 2007

FITA Coaches Seminar finished in Goesang

Goesang – 26 October 2007

The 3rd FITA World Coaching Seminar for Recurve Archery finished today in Geosang, South Korea. Mr Kim Yung Tak and Mrs Eun Kyung Lee were the first lecturers at this seminar which welcomes an audience of 75 coaches from the five continents.

The first to speak was the experienced coach Mr Kim Yung Tak who lectured on archery technique. He was followed by the famous champion Mrs Eun Kyung Lee who spoke on the preparation for the Olympic Games.

Many questions were asked by the participants on the reasons for the success of the Korean team and some light was given on the keys to this success.
Archery School - Kim Hyung-Tak (PDF PowerPoint presentation)
Other presentations will be added on the website on Monday 29th October

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Archery For Relaxataion And Sports

Archery is still a very popular sport with sportsmen. In fact contrary to what you might have thought the number of people taking up archery is actually growing each year. So why not learn the basics of archery? You never know you might just enjoy it!So why is archery growing? Well most of us lead these busy hectic lives and escaping from that daily routine can often be found in taking up a sport or a pastime. Many have found just that relaxation in archery. There’s something about a bow and arrow that feels so primitive, so basic and fundamental, that it seems to drain the stress away from us.Now many people enjoy hunting as well so they use a bow for hunting especially during deer season. But others have no interest in hunting and so they use their newly found skills in all kinds of target shoots or competitions that are held by Archery clubs. It’s always important to choose the correct equipment. There are three types of bows to choose from, the compound bow, the cross bow, and the recurve bow.The compound bow is the most popular because it is easier to handle, creates less arm fatigue, and it shoots much faster. The faster an arrow is during its flight the flatter its trajectory will be which leaves more room for error when you are judging the distance. There are many different compound bows available.The recurve bow has been making a come back in recent years. The cross bow which is a cross between a rifle and a bow is actually banned in many states so check with your local officials before purchasing a crossbow.Which ever type of bow you choose you will need to consider the weight of it. You should always choose a draw weight that you are comfortable with. The higher the draw weight the faster the arrow but the hard the bow is to handle. You will also need to determine your individual draw length. To determine your personal draw length stand at a right angle to your wall, then place your knuckles on that wall. Now have someone measure the distance from the wall to the corner of your mouth. This will give you your draw length.When you are ready to try shooting your bow and arrow you must first get your stance correct. You should stand perpendicular to your target with your feet a shoulder length apart straddling the shoot line. Use the balls of your feet to balance yourself, then stand tall but not stiffly with your knees slightly relaxed.Now you need to pace the arrow nock onto the bowstring. The index feathers should point away from the bow. Lay the arrow on the arrow rest then snap the nock onto the bowstring. If you grasp the bow exactly the same each time you will guarantee yourself a consistent draw which will help your accuracy. After the bow hand has been set you take the string in the first joint of the first 3 fingers of your shooting hand. Then raise the bow toward your target. Now lock your bow arm into position then push with the shoulder of your bow arm while pulling with the shoulder of your draw arm until the bowstring touches your nose. Aim carefully then release and follow through by continuing to pull your draw hand along the base of your neck. That’s it. It may sound complicated on paper but the entire process is really not that difficult once you get the hang of it. You might want to consider taking a couple of archery lessons at a local club to get you started. Archery is a relaxing sport and pastime so if you’re looking to try something new why not consider archery? Deon Melchior is the Editor and Publisher of Article Click.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hoyt Show


Sunday, October 14, 2007

MEX, CUB, BRA and the USA win places for the Olympic Games

MEX, CUB, BRA and the USA win places for the Olympic Games
Lausanne - 12 October 2007

At the Continental Qualifier for the Americas in El Salvador the dices have been thrown. For the women’s event it will be 2 Mexican and 1 US athlete while in the men’s event it is 1 Mexican, 1 Cuban and 1 Brazilian.

Women’s Event:

Janeth Garcia (MEX) beat USA's Karen Scavotto 109-107 to win the first place in the women's category. Another Mexican, Aida Roman won the third position after beating Venezuela's Leydis Brito 108-95. Venezuela had the first standby position in Leipzig and is now suffering the same ordeal.

Men’s Event :
Juan Rene Serrano, the second qualified archer for Dubai, shot very solidly all along the tournament, and gave Mexico their third olympic spot of the day. He defeated Cuban veteran Juan Carlos Stevens 110-109 for the first place. Brazil won the remaining olympic spot by means of Luiz Trainini, winner of his third place match vs. Mexico's Jorge Pablo Chapoy.

17 athletes from the Americas have obtained places for Beijing: United States (3 Men 2 Women), Mexico (2 men 2 women), Canada (3 men), Colombia (3 women), Cuba (1 men) and Brazil (1 men).

There are still two possibilities left for the countries that have not obtained places. One is by obtaining an invitation place from the IOC and the 2nd one is by obtaining a place at the final world qualifier in Boé France in June next year.

FITA Secretary General

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Archery World Cup Final bidding process now open!

Lausanne (SUI) – 1 October 2007

Archery World Cup Final bidding process now open!

FITA – the International Archery Federation, today officially opened the bidding process for their 2010 and 2011 World Cup Finals.

The President of FITA, Dr Ugur Erdener, made the announcement from the Federation’s headquarter in Lausanne, Switzerland. The bidding process is open to all cities, regions, FITA member associations, private event organisers and corporate partners.

FITA, in cooperation with TSE Consulting, took the initiative to make the event more attractive for potential hosts, athletes and spectators. The advantage is that the final competition can be set up in almost any location. This is the chance to produce a first class sports show right at the heart of the city. A city’s prime venue can be showcased to up to 250 million TV viewers during one event. The Archery World Cup consists of four qualifying stages held in spectacular venues around the world (2 Europe, 1 Asia and 1 America) all culminating in a grand World Cup Final where only the top archers compete over two days.

The bidding process has been structured in one simple phase. Interested parties have until 1 February 2008, midnight, to submit their bid documents. A FITA Selection Committee will select the organiser’s on 28 May in Antalya, Turkey at the third stage of the 2008 World Cup. Bid documents are available through the FITA office or can be downloaded here. Bidders have the option to bid for either the 2010 or 2011 event, or both.

Dr Ugur Erdener, FITA President, said:
“It is with great excitement that we launch the bidding process for our 2010 and 2011 World Cup Final events. The World Cup circuit has enabled us to build strong partnerships with our host cities. We encourage cities to use our event to promote themselves in creative ways. We hope that the future will only bring more innovative ideas to the table.”

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Did You Try Archery? Is A Wonderful Sport

By: George Andrew

I believe Archery is a great sport, which has given me a great deal of gladness and happiness! I have stayed with the hobby for 20 years and do not regret a minute of it! I never awaited that it would take me Full time. Either it be hunting, competition, or merely fun, archery can be a wonderful sport or hobby.To do it properly there is no other way than to really give yourself for it, practice everyday, learn to be aware of yourself too from the inside, and be fearless to face new challenges. Archery is for all, youthful and old, males and females.To shot the ten with your arrow, you have to certainly be informed of the proper shooting methods,but no muscles. To do it correctly every single time you are required to be mentally sure and very committed. Besides your option of bows, there are numerous things to compare in relation with arrow preference, arm guards and finger protection. At the end you need a bow with sight, a set of arrows, chest and guards, finger tab, quiver and some small accessories although don't instantly rush to a tackle dealer to expend them. So why not? First there are bow dealers who know there business and also there are dealers who don't! I suggest that you take a breathe and decide first what you are really after.To pick up the needed gear is not a not expensive and especially no simple process, so in order to get them the right way from the very beginning I suggest that you read the link titled baying the bow initially. After you are ultimately all ready for the important acquisition, it is advisable to do at a archery coach and not in a ordinary sport gear shop. From the archery expert you have the incredible proper gear and priceless guidance with it also. A great list of archery equipment dealers you'll detect for example lets see at Which ever you choose, do plenty of shop around primarily.Remember if you have not play archery before, you should seek a coach to show you the right way to do it. It can be tricky if you dont know how, so please dont take risks, learn the right way and avoid beginner accidents. Enjoy your sport and have a good time. About the author If you want to find more information on archery look at: Article Source: Free Article Directory - Search And Submit Articles

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Game of Archery

Archery has been a popular sport from the ancient times.

Evidences of popularity can be seen in our epics, which reflects the close traditional feel for Archery. This traditional sport needs superb concentration, sincere hard work and a sharp focus to hit the target.The person who shoots arrow is called archer. In order to win the game, an archer has to shoot arrows from a bow at the right target.

The closer the shoot to the center of the target, the more the score will be. In the end, all the individual scores are added up to announce the highest score. The person who scores the highest is announced as the winner of the game.

There are two types of archery is used in the game. One is Target archery and another is Field archery. In target archery, an archer has to shoot the target from various distances. However, in field archery, archers shoot different sized targets from unknown distances. A traditional bow is used in field archery.

Bows used in archery are made up of different materials including carbon and fiberglass. Attached with a sight and stabilizers, bows are usually kept steady to give a perfect shoot. Arrows have a sharp tip at the front and groove at the back to hold the bow string well. The targets are marked with colored papers.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Sports of Archery in the Olymick Games

By Michael Russell Archery was not a sports event in the first ancient Olympic Games in Greece. However, the games were held for over 1,000 years, so it's entirely possible that at some time archery was an Olympic sport in the past.Archery for men was an event for the first time in the modern Olympics in 1900.

The first archery event for women was in 1904. However, there was no uniformity in the rules in those early Olympics and archery was dropped as an event after 1920. The international governing body for archery, the Federation Internationale de Tira l'Arc (FITA), was founded in 1931. It took many years before all countries accepted the new international rules for competition, but archery was able to return as an Olympic sport to the 1972 Munich Games. In 1988, team competitions were held in addition to the individual events.Since 1992, the event format is head-to-head competition for the top 64 athletes. There are four archery events: Men's Individual, Women's Individual, Men's Team and Women's Team.Individual competitors (men and women) shoot 72 arrows at a 'bulls-eye' target from a distance of 70 meters (229 feet, 8 inches). Each shot must be made within a 40-second time limit. A perfect score would be 720. A 'sudden death' overtime shot is made in the event of a tie.Team competitions consist of 16 3-archer teams. As in the individual events, each archer shoots 72 arrows are shot at a distance of 70 meters. In a tie score, each team member will shoot one arrow. The arrow closest to the center of the target determines the winner.The target has ten rings. One point is scored for an arrow landing in the outermost ring, 2 points for a hit in the next ring, continuing in this manner to the center ring which awards 10 points.The recurve bow is used by Olympic Archers. An arrow shot by this bow travels at more than 150 mph. The bows are very 'high-tech', manufactured from wood, fiberglass and graphite. They have stabilizers which help keep the arrow flights straight and sights to help in aiming. The strings are made from a hydrocarbon product or from Kevlar. The arrows are aluminum or carbon graphite. The cost of this gear is over $1,000.An Olympic archer has normally been training for at least ten years. It's essential to develop perfect form (or as close to perfect as humanly possible). A good coach is also very important. The proper equipment, of course, is needed. Fortunately, archery is much less expensive to pursue than many other sports. Read, study, talk to other archers. Attend and compete in local and national tournaments. Most important, practice, practice, practice.Archery is a sport accessible to many disabled athletes. A New Zealand woman, Neroli Fairhall, was the first paraplegic to compete in the Olympic Games. She was a gold medalist in the Commonwealth Games. This is also a sport that people can continue with for much of their lives and enjoy with their families. Hope to see you at the Olympics!

Michael Russell
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Two New World Records for Jamie Van Natta!

Two New World Records for Jamie Van Natta!
Lausanne – 28 September 2007

On 21 September 2007 the American Compound archer Jamie Van Natta set two new World Records at the MSU Fall Classic in East Lansing, Michigan which is the home of Michigan State University.

Van Natta firstly broke the current 50-metre record with 354 points. In addition, shooting a total of 1412 points in the 144-arrow FITA Round, she got back the record that the Belgian Gladys Willems took from her in May with 1411.

These two new records are Van Natta’s 6th and 7th World Records just in 2007 (four in individual and three in team). Congratulations to her for these new great achievements!

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