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MEX, CUB, BRA and the USA win places for the Olympic Games

MEX, CUB, BRA and the USA win places for the Olympic Games
Lausanne - 12 October 2007

At the Continental Qualifier for the Americas in El Salvador the dices have been thrown. For the women’s event it will be 2 Mexican and 1 US athlete while in the men’s event it is 1 Mexican, 1 Cuban and 1 Brazilian.

Women’s Event:

Janeth Garcia (MEX) beat USA's Karen Scavotto 109-107 to win the first place in the women's category. Another Mexican, Aida Roman won the third position after beating Venezuela's Leydis Brito 108-95. Venezuela had the first standby position in Leipzig and is now suffering the same ordeal.

Men’s Event :
Juan Rene Serrano, the second qualified archer for Dubai, shot very solidly all along the tournament, and gave Mexico their third olympic spot of the day. He defeated Cuban veteran Juan Carlos Stevens 110-109 for the first place. Brazil won the remaining olympic spot by means of Luiz Trainini, winner of his third place match vs. Mexico's Jorge Pablo Chapoy.

17 athletes from the Americas have obtained places for Beijing: United States (3 Men 2 Women), Mexico (2 men 2 women), Canada (3 men), Colombia (3 women), Cuba (1 men) and Brazil (1 men).

There are still two possibilities left for the countries that have not obtained places. One is by obtaining an invitation place from the IOC and the 2nd one is by obtaining a place at the final world qualifier in Boé France in June next year.

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