Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Full-Size Press - Affordable Price

Full-Size Press -- Affordable Price
By Daniel Beraldo

Since 1992, Apple Archery has been providing the archery industry with top-end repair tools and products. Today, not only can you find Apple products throughout the best archery pro shops and in the hands of the top enthusiasts in the country but also in the beginning archer's workshop as well.

Whether you're the full-service shop looking to work on different brands of bows, one after another, all day long, or the beginning bowhunter looking to take the next step in your bow tuning, Apple Archery has everything you need to set up and work on today's newest compound bows. In 2009, Apple Archery introduced the new Edge Economy Bow Press.
With an affordable price tag of just $299, the full-size Edge is engineered to eliminate limb twist and do most major setup work needed to get shooting. Constructed of steel with a powder coat finish, the Edge offers limb tip and conventional compression press options for perfect compatibility with different limb styles. It also features adjustable limb pocket posts for long and short risers, and for those Bowtech shooters, presses all center pivot compound bows.

The press is easy to set up and in less than 30 minutes I had it put together and pressing a LimbSaver DZ-30. The press provided plenty of pressure to the limbs and easily allowed me to install a peep sight and tether my drop-away cord through the buss cable. Due to the short length of the beyond parallel limbs on my DZ-30, I chose to use the limb tip compression system.
Each limb tip assembly can be independently adjusted to fit perfectly to the widths of limbs on all bows. The conventional compression system works best for bows with longer limbs and the adjustable press arm allows custom limb/post placement for safe use and perfect pressing.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Archery Book from Coach KIM Yung-Tak

Korean traditional archery is centuries old but whet the Korean nation started to embrace modern archery Hyung-Tak Kim decided to follow this trail and was one of the first Koreans to study and analyse this type of archery.

It was not long before his shooting skills were imported into coaching were his skills have been appreciated by the Korean archers for around 40 years. All the technical knowledge he has gained over the years has been passed on to archers and coaches alike through the many training courses and seminars he has conducted. This knowledge has helped Korea to excel in the sport of archery and be one of the major players in the Recurve division. Hyung-Tak Kim’s wealth of knowledge is now being funnelled through archery the training centre he is currently running in Goesan-gun in central Korea.When the Korean archery team first took part in the Olympic Games, he was head coach for the Women’s National team and was delighted when they won the gold medal. He showed excellent performance as a head coach of the Korean National Women’s archery team, but was enticed away to coach the Taiwan National Archery Team in 1989. He worked for the Taiwan National Archery Federation from 1989 to 1997 as a head coach; during this time he raised their profile to be one of the world’s top teams. Currently, Hyung-Tak Kim is coaching Korean coaches through many seminars he is conducting in his position as research director of Korean Archery Association.

He opened his training centre in 2004, and over 500 archers from around 30 countries have been trained by him, many rewarding him by producing good results at World Cup Tournaments, World Championships, Olympic Games, and European Championships.

Now he has published his archery book which focuses on how to learn and coach archery with ease, it brings to life his long experience and advanced skills of archery coaching. Each person can discover his teaching techniques from the basics to top levels through this tool where he is presenting problems and solutions in a precise and practical form.

This book, called “Kim, Hyung-Tak Archery”, will provide guidance for coaches and archers alike who want to improve their performance as he is providing accurate and basic technology of learning and step by step coaching methods.

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