Thursday, October 30, 2008

Professional Compound Archery Coach in India

Professional Compound Archery Coach in India
Lausanne – 30 October 2008

The Archery Association of India is looking for a professional Compound Archery coach. You can stand as candidate if you meet the following requirements:

Ø Proved skills in developing Compound Archers for Elite level
Ø Academic level: Professional Compound Archery Coach as accredited by FITA
Ø Communication skills: able to communicate with archers & coaches in English and through demonstration
Ø Organizational skills: holding of seminar for coaches up gradation of their skill as well as special coaching assignment for second-line archers
Ø Able to work with the top 16 Men and 16 Women archers in preparation for the Commonwealth Games 2010 and also take special assignments at different venues for short term training programme
Ø Must speak (language): English
Ø Required experiences: must have trained National Team for Continental Championships/World Championships and training National Teams/Elite archers.
Ø Other: willing to travel from one venue to other venue and maintain close monitoring of the performance of the archers at all venues

Duties, roles and responsibilities – the following are examples only:

Ø To make training plan for, and coach the national team
Ø Preparation to international archery events
Ø To offer any technical advices requested by the Federation
Ø To coach the athletes of the national archery training Centre
Ø To maintain and analyze data on national athletes, then develop programmes to maximise performance
Ø When required, to coach athletes at international level tournaments
Ø Liaise with coaches in the preparation of training programs and archery technique.
Ø Other: holding clinic for the junior/cadet archers

Detail below the main clauses of the working contract

Ø One year period preceded by 3 months test period
Ø Contract starting on (date): December 2008
Ø Place of work: Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Pune and any other place as recommended by the Archery Association of India
Ø Salary: USD 3,000.00 (US Dollar Three Thousand) per month to USD 5,000.00 (US Dollar Five Thousand) depending on the experience and qualification of the coach concerned
Ø Free Accommodation
Ø Air Fare from place of origin to India two times in twelve months
Ø Medical Insurance during entire tenure of stay
Ø One month leave with pay in every twelve months

Contact, information and application to:
6, Dr. Bishamber Dass Marg
New Delhi-110 001 (India)
Phone: +91 (11) 2410 2527, 2371 5051, 2371 5070
Fax: + 91 (11) 2371 5045
Secretary General:
DN-38, Sector-V, Salt Lake
Kolkata-700 091 (India)
Phone: + 91 (33) 2367 2920, 2367 0734
Fax: + 91 (33) 2367 0374

Application Deadline: 15 November 2008
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Paresh Nath Mukherjee
Secretary General
Archery Association of India

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