Thursday, October 11, 2007

Archery World Cup Final bidding process now open!

Lausanne (SUI) – 1 October 2007

Archery World Cup Final bidding process now open!

FITA – the International Archery Federation, today officially opened the bidding process for their 2010 and 2011 World Cup Finals.

The President of FITA, Dr Ugur Erdener, made the announcement from the Federation’s headquarter in Lausanne, Switzerland. The bidding process is open to all cities, regions, FITA member associations, private event organisers and corporate partners.

FITA, in cooperation with TSE Consulting, took the initiative to make the event more attractive for potential hosts, athletes and spectators. The advantage is that the final competition can be set up in almost any location. This is the chance to produce a first class sports show right at the heart of the city. A city’s prime venue can be showcased to up to 250 million TV viewers during one event. The Archery World Cup consists of four qualifying stages held in spectacular venues around the world (2 Europe, 1 Asia and 1 America) all culminating in a grand World Cup Final where only the top archers compete over two days.

The bidding process has been structured in one simple phase. Interested parties have until 1 February 2008, midnight, to submit their bid documents. A FITA Selection Committee will select the organiser’s on 28 May in Antalya, Turkey at the third stage of the 2008 World Cup. Bid documents are available through the FITA office or can be downloaded here. Bidders have the option to bid for either the 2010 or 2011 event, or both.

Dr Ugur Erdener, FITA President, said:
“It is with great excitement that we launch the bidding process for our 2010 and 2011 World Cup Final events. The World Cup circuit has enabled us to build strong partnerships with our host cities. We encourage cities to use our event to promote themselves in creative ways. We hope that the future will only bring more innovative ideas to the table.”

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