Sunday, October 28, 2007

FITA Coaches Seminar finished in Goesang

Goesang – 26 October 2007

The 3rd FITA World Coaching Seminar for Recurve Archery finished today in Geosang, South Korea. Mr Kim Yung Tak and Mrs Eun Kyung Lee were the first lecturers at this seminar which welcomes an audience of 75 coaches from the five continents.

The first to speak was the experienced coach Mr Kim Yung Tak who lectured on archery technique. He was followed by the famous champion Mrs Eun Kyung Lee who spoke on the preparation for the Olympic Games.

Many questions were asked by the participants on the reasons for the success of the Korean team and some light was given on the keys to this success.
Archery School - Kim Hyung-Tak (PDF PowerPoint presentation)
Other presentations will be added on the website on Monday 29th October

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