Wednesday, May 23, 2007

About Archery

Do you know archery? Certainly everyone knows that archery is one of minor sports. Then I tell you what is this sport like.

Archery is hunting originally. From the 17th century downward, archery have turned from hunt into game in United Kingdom.
I think you see someone that shoot arrows at the target. Probably that is “target archery”.
Target Archery is a kind of archery to shoot arrows at the target on which points is written. There is points X(=10),10,9,,8,7….from center to outside on the target. The athletes shoot 36 arrows at each of the distances. Men shoot 90, 70, 50, 30 meters. And women shoot 70,60,50,30 meters. That is to say, in total, 144 arrows are shot. So the perfect score is 1440 points. The size of the target is 80cm face at the short distances (50m and 30m) and 122 cm face at the long distances (90m and 70m for men, 70m and 90m for women). At single round the world record is 1405 points. It is Park Sung Hyun`s record.
There is two kind of bow. One is called Recurve bow (RC). There is this kind of bow at Sports Park every time you see. It is only for the game. Another is Compound bow (CP). This bow is mainly used to hunt.
Basically bow is composed of limbs and riser, sight, stabilizer.
First, Riser is a most fundamental part. All parts are joined on it.
Second, Limbs is most important part. It gives arrows the power. And generally it is made of resin.
Third, Stabilizer can reduce the oscillation which arise when shoot arrows with bow.
Bow’s length (riser and limbs) is about 160cm. it’s about my height!
As there are not so many corporations which can produce tools of high quality, you can use these tools of the same quality as professional athletes use. It is a most interesting characteristic of archery.
By the way, how is the speed of the arrow that is shot by bow, do you know?
The answer is 240km/h !!
If you shoot arrows toward the frying pan, you can break it easily!

Finally, archery is funny and interesting sport! But it is still miner sport in Japan. So I wish you have interest in the miner sports
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