Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Info on the Recent World Archery Coaching Seminar

The 2009 FITA World Archery Coaching Seminar that took place in Rome on 3-6 November was one of the best ever!

Volunteers, coaches, specialists, athletes, staff – all the main FITARCO human resources joined forces to make the 4th World Archery Coaching Aeminar a success, and they did!

The main goal was to present the reasons behind the success of Italian archery. Good results have been perpetuated over the years in most of the divisions, categories and disciplines of international archery. The 84 participants coming from the five continents enjoyed this seminar and learned a lot!

You will find below the links to the documents handed out by the various lecturers.

FITARCO History by ODDO (9.88 MB)
Technical Department by SPIGARELLI (351 KB)
Technical Operation by VELLA (2.79 MB)
Compound by XOTTI (3.06 MB)
Coaching System by ODDO (752 KB)
Psychology by GATTI (912 KB)
Olympic Solidarity by KENSINGTON (633 KB)
FITA Coaching by COLMAIRE (192 KB)
Coaching Software by LEBEAU (1.5 MB)
Recurve Skills & Video Analyze by KIM (39.3 MB)
Physical by FINARDI (880 KB)
Barebow by BOTTO (11.2 MB)
Youth by CARRER (768 KB)
FITA Info by DIELEN (1.92 MB)
Training by CLINI and BISIANI (13.6 MB)
Recurve by CLINI (1.73 MB)

Our big thanks and congratulations go to FITARCO and the FITA Coaches Committee for this success!

FITA Development.

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