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Biga Flag Officer Osman Bey Traditional Archery Competitions and Festivals, organized by Society for Turkish Archery and District Governorate of Biga has successfully took place between 14-15-16th September 2012. The event has started with a meeting dinner at Kırkgeçit Spa Hotel on 14th September Friday. On 15th September, the Horseback and Ground Archery competitions got started in Biga Dikmen Village Hafızın Düzü at 9 a.m and after serving pilaf with burghul for lunch, the competitions continued till the evening. 32 competitors from 7 countries and 110 competitors from all over our country have participated in the tournament.
On the 16th September Sunday, a marvelous breakfast was given and then in company with Mehter Band, foreign and Turkish competitors joined an official walk with their traditional clothes. After a half an hour walk, the team arrived at the stadium and unforgettable shows were performed. The shows got started with incredible Cirit shows and went on with horseback archery, sword, horseback acrobatics, sword-colt shows and jar shot, qabaq shot, puta shot and ground archery performances. Afterwhile, an award ceremony was held for first, second and third prizes in 8 categories.
We pay tribute to the founding president of Society for Turkish Archery Sami Genel on behalf of all the sporters. 
We would like to express our gratitude to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, The Governor of Çanakkale Güngör Azim Tuna, Special Provincial Administration,Prime Ministry Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, İbrahim BODUR and Çanakkale Seramik family, Chief Executive Officer of Turkish Airlines Hamdi Topçu and Turkish Airlines community, our main sponsor İÇDAŞ A.Ş, especially the General Director of İÇDAŞ and the head of Commerce and Industry Chamber Bülent Engin. 
I would like to thank Biga Mayor Mehmet Özkan and town mayors, the head of Biga Archery Club Zühtü Uygun, Biga Archery Club Sporters, Karabiga Yakamoz Hotel, Biga Şahin Hotel, Administration of Kırkgeçit Spa Hotel, Law Enforcement and Gendarme Agencies, District Director of National Education, Department Chiefs and teachers in charge, especially the Principal of Public Education Ramazan Tasar, the Principal of Biga Technical and Vocational High School Yaşar Çakır, the Principal of Çiçeklidede Special Administration Secondary School Musa Çetin, the Principal of Diyarbakırlı Ekrem Ergün Primary School İhsan Şiren, Organization General Coordinator and District Director of Youth and Sports Cabir Kaşdemir, Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Murat Ceylan, Director of Special Administration Hasan Kaya, Dikmen Village Headman Sabri Işık, Community of Health,District Governorate Staff Mehmet DEMİR, Ümit ÖRNEK and Kadir AKKUŞ, briefly to my all colleagues for their moral and material support. 
We would like to express our gratitude to the great artist Cüneyt Arkın and his precious son Kaan, advocate Seçkin Tay, the head of İstanbul Horseback Archery Club and charismatic artist Cemal Hünal and his team who have participated in the organization with his 10 horses, Murat Sezal who has acted İsa Pasha in Fetih(Conquest) 1453. 
I would like to thank the Head of Kemankeş Archery Club Metin Ateş who has made contact with foreign competitors on behalf of Society for Turkish Archery, the Head of Sivas Horseback Archery Club and Undertaker of Horseback Archery Organization Hilmi Arıç and his team, the Head of Tokat Danişment Archery Club and Undertaker of Ground Archery Organization Dr.Metin Aksoy and his team.
I also would like to thank foreign sporters participated from Sweden, Slovakia, Bulgaria,Greece,Mongolia, Hungary and Romania. I want to thank Kemankeş Archery Sports Club from Istanbul, İstanbul Horseback Archery Sports Club, Talimhane Archery Sports Club, Kayseri Horseback Archery Sports Clu, Ankara Kavsi Kemankeşleri Archery Club, Ankara Sports Club,Tokat Danişment and Anatolia Archery Sports Club,Amasya Gümüşhacıköy Gümüşyay Archery Club,Ankara Archery Club, Konya Bulcukspor Archery Club, Sivas Sipahi Ocağı Archery Sports Club and Sivas Horseback Sports Cirit Club, Samsun Canik Archery Sports Club, Uşak Cirit Club and Turgutlu Mehter Band.
I thank a lot to the Hungarian bow master Csaba Grozer, our bow master friend Mehmet Gölhan and Kemanger bow master Ercan Özek from Istanbul and The Art Director of Turkish World Music Community of Ministry of Culture and Tourism İrfan GÜRDAL.
I also would like to thank friends who have coloured our organization with their handicrafts.
Of course I would like to thank citizens of Biga for their contributions and positive energy, protocol members, my colleagues, non-governmental organisations, members of Provincial Council and the Secretary Ayhan Gider, the Head of Çanakkale Black Sea Fellows Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation Turgay Kılıç and our public.
I want to thank so much to the local and national media for being our hand, foot and voice and supporting us. 
I would like to expess my gratitude to the Deputies of Çanakkale Mehmet Daniş and İsmail Kaşdemir who have honored us by taking part in our festival and supporting the Traditional Archery in every step.
I wish Biga Flag Officer Osman Bey Second Archery Competitions and Festivals will be beneficial for the development of our ancient sport and I believe that Turkish Archery and Horseback Archery will go forward. The arrow is already off the bow. I congratulate those brave people who strive to rejuvenate this noble ancient sport.

18th September 2012 
Biga District Governor

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