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2008 Beijing Olympic Game


Valid as of 1 August 2008

Olympic Competition Format
There are 4 events in the Archery competition in the Olympic Games:

Ø Men’s and Women’s Individual events with the Recurve Bow
Ø Men’s and Women’s Team event with the Recurve Bow

There are separate team and individual competitions. The archery competition is organised in the following rounds: FITA 70m Round and the Olympic Round consisting of the Team Elimination Round, Team Finals Round, the Individual Elimination Round and Individual Finals Round for Women and for Men.

The FITA 70m Round is used to rank the individual archers and to qualify the teams (max 16 qualify). The Olympic Round allows 64 participants for the women’s competition and 64 participants for the men’s competition (qualified at FITA World Championships and other Qualifying Tournaments).

There will be a minimum of 9 teams for the men and the women (8 that qualified at the World Championships, the home country), plus any country that qualifies 3 archers of the same gender for the Olympic Games.

Each elimination and final round consists of a head-to-head match from which the winner advances to the next round. The matches for individual and team elimination rounds are drawn by a match-play table, which is based on the ranking of the FITA 70m Round.

The individual competition consists of elimination rounds (1/32nd, 1/16th, 1/8th) and finals round (quarterfinals, semifinals, finals for bronze medal and gold medal).

The team competition consists of elimination rounds (1/8th, 1/4th) and finals round (semifinals, finals for bronze medal and gold medal). Teams consist of 3 athletes of the same gender and country.

Differences between the FITA World Championships and Olympic Games
The main difference is that the number of participants in FITA World Championships is higher. Therefore a qualifying round is shot in order to determine who enters the elimination round. During FITA World Championships archers shoot the FITA Round which is shot at 4 distances (90m, 70m, 50m and 30m for Men and 70m, 60m, 50m and 30m for Women). During the Olympic Games the only shooting distance is 70m.

There are World Championships in many Archery disciplines which are as follows: Outdoor Target Archery, Indoor Target Archery, Field Archery and Ski-Archery.

Changes since the Athens 2004 Olympic Games
The format and scheduling of the competition in Beijing is slightly changed from Athens. During the 1/32nd and 1/16th elimination rounds the archers that win the 1/32nd will shoot subsequently the 1/16th elimination. They will shoot in groups based on the place obtained in the ranking round. Two separate fields of plays will be used in order to allow for better TV coverage of both parallel matches.

The number of arrows has been changed from 18 to 12 throughout the individual elimination rounds and the number of arrows for teams has been changed from 27 to 24 in 4 ends of 6 arrows.

Sport Rules and Procedures
In individual competition, archers shoot 4 ends of 3 arrows in the elimination and final rounds, in alternate shooting with 30 seconds per arrow.

In the team event, the team shoots 4 ends of 6 arrows (2 arrows per team member) in all rounds. The time-limit is 2 minutes per team per end.

The target face is divided into 10 concentric rings each awarded a score between one and ten, with the innermost ring worth 10 points. The highest score wins the match.

After every end, the trailing archer or team shoots first.

Tie-Break Rules
Tie-break for individuals:
A single arrow will be shot by each archer and the archer with the highest scoring arrow will win. If tied after one arrow, a second tie-breaking arrow will be shot for score. If tied after 2 arrows are shot, a third tie breaking arrow will be shot and the archer with the third arrow closest to the centre will win.

Tie-break for teams:
A single arrow will be shot by each team member. After the first 3 tie breaking arrows are shot, the team with the highest score will win. If still tied, another 3-arrow end will be shot for score. If still tied, a 3rd end of 3 arrows will be shot for score. If tied, the team with the single closest-to-the-centre arrow will win. If tied, the second (or 3rd) arrow closest-to-the-centre will determine the winner. If tied, subsequent 3 arrow ends will be shot until the tie is broken.

The process for ranking the losers with the same score (in the same round) is as follows: the archers are co-ranked at the same position and the subsequent place will take into consideration the number of tied archers.

Penalties / Disqualification Rules
There is set of penalties for infractions; the most common ones are:
Ø loss of the value of any arrow shot after the allocated time
Ø return behind the waiting line in case of incorrect relay in the team event

Protests / Appeals
With the exception of the value of a judged arrow, a participant can appeal against any unfair issue.

FITA Communication
January 2007

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