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The Final Day of the Meteksan Archery World Cup Stage 3 in Antalya, Turkey .

The new star from Russia, Erdyniyeva!
Antalya – 2 June 2007

The final day of the Meteksan Archery World Cup Stage 3 in Antalya, Turkey, gave many exciting final matches. The new Russian star Erdyniyeva won Recurve Women and clinched a place in the World Cup Final later this year. The experienced Kazantseva (RUS) did exactly the same in Compound Women. Brasseur (FRA) and the new comer Kim Yeon Chul (KOR) are the other winners. All matches were broadcast LIVE on TRT and the Polish national channel!

- Anna Kazantseva (RUS) and her coach

Compound Women – Bronze

The first match of the afternoon was between Anastasia Anastasio (ITA) and Gladys Willems (BEL). The latter opened the match with 8-10-9, while Anastasio started with a triple 9. The match was tied at 27. Willems continued with a perfect 10-10-10 end to take a big advantage over her opponent who shot a 6 (57-49). It was a tough experience for the young Italian archer to play at such a level. She held it well, though, with a triple 9 in the third end. However, Willems showed why she holds the World Record (1411) for the FITA Round: another 10-9-9 end for her and a lead of 8 points (84-76). No problem for Willems then to clinch the match and win bronze with a comfortable margin: 112-102.

Compound Men – Bronze

Thomas Hasenfuss (GER) and Roberval Dos Santos (BRA) were then facing each other for the Compound Men bronze medal. This was the first appearance of Hasenfuss in a World Cup final. The score of this match was tied after the first end, both archers shooting two 9s and a 10 for a temporary total of 28. The level raised high in the second end with a perfect three arrow series and a two point lead for the Brazilian (58-56). What a match and come-back by Hasenfuss with a perfect end to tie the match at 86! The two archers were tied with one arrow to go (105-105). Both archers shot a 9 at this moment, which led them to a shoot-off! Roberval, with a low arrow, scored only 8 and left the door open to Hasenfuss who took victory with a 10!
- Sebastien Brasseur (FRA)
Recurve Women – Bronze

Lee Sung Jin (KOR) versus Natalia Valeeva (ITA) for the bronze medal in Recurve Women. The Italian took the line first and opened the match with 29 out of a possible 30. It was Lee’s turn to shoot first for the second end, since she was trailing behind by one point at that time. She scored a triple 9, while Valeeva scored a 7 with her fourth arrow but went on with two perfect shots to keep her lead (56-55). The Italian even doubled her advantage in the third end: 84-82. The two archers proved very close to one another, as they were ranked 4th and 6th in the qualifications. However, with a low 8-10-8 series, Valeeva let Lee come back and tie the match after the twelve regular arrows of the match. Shoot-off again… Valeeva with another poor 8 and Lee took victory with a 10.

Recurve Men – Bronze

The last bronze medal match saw Xue Hai Feng (CHN) face Juan Rene Serrano (MEX). The Mexican was shooting first on target 2 and opened with 28 points. Xue immediately put pressure on him by scoring a perfect 30 with his first three arrows. Serrano went on with a triple 9 and a total of 55. At that moment Xue seemed to lose a bit of concentration: after four consecutive 10s, he shot 8 and 7. The score was then tied! Serrano could keep consistency with a 28-point end, while Xue scored 8-9-10, leaving the lead to his opponent by one point (83-82). The Chinese archer totally got out of his depth with another 7 at his eleventh arrow… Serrano finished his match with a perfect 10 and took the Recurve Men bronze (110-107).

- Natalya Erdyniyeva (RUS)

Compound Women – Gold

The gold medal matches started with Anna Kazantseva (RUS) and Jahna Davis (USA) in Compound Women. The American archer, shooting on target no. 2, started with a low end of 25, possibly due to the wind, as it seemed to be a bit tricky today! Kazantseva took advantage of Davis’ bad start to take the lead immediately with 27. She even increased her advantage to three points at the halfway stage (54-51). Davis went on with a 10-10-8 series, while Kazantseva shot the same end but the other way around (8-10-10). At a result, the American kept trailing behind by three. With a perfect last end, the Russian clinched the match to win another World Cup stage (112-108), and has earned herself a place in the World Cup Final!

Compound Men – Gold

Another American was in the compound finals today: Braden Gellenthien (USA) who had to deal with the French Sebastien Brasseur for the gold in the men’s category. This match began with the American, as well, but at target 1 this time. He started weel with a double 10 and a 9. Brasseur tied this 29 score after the first end with (10-9-10). Same second series for the two archers with 29 additional points each (58-58). It was then Gellenthien who broke the tie first, shooting one point higher than his opponent with three arrows to go (87-86). However, the French showed great tenacity and managed a perfect score of 30 in the last end. This allowed him to clinch the match by one point (116-115) after the American shot 9-9-10.

- From the left: Kim Yeon Chul (KOR) and Im Ji Wan (KOR)

Recurve Women – Gold

After the great Compound Men final, it was no. 1 seed Choi Eun Young (KOR) who faced Natalya Erdyniyeva (RUS) in the Recurve Women category. The Korean started with 7-9-9 for 25 points, while her opponent from Eastern Europe scored 28 with her first three arrows. Choi was trailing by two (54-52) in the middle of the match. Choi seemed she could recover, when she started the second half with a double 10. Unfortunately, she went on with an 8 and Erdyniyeva could keep her advantage (82-80). Both archers finished with a triple 9 and the new rising star of the Russian Federation won the gold (109-107)! She clinched a definitive spot in the World Cup Final!

Recurve Men – Gold

A 100% Korean match and new faces for the last final of the World Cup Stage 3 in Antalya between team-mates Im Ji Wan and Kim Yeon Chul (KOR)! This was the first significant international appearance for both archers. The two archers were tied after the first end at 28 points. Kim took the lead half-way on the score of 56-55. He then doubled his advantage with three arrows to go, leading 85-83. Im closed the session with a good 9-10-9 end, but this was not enough to come back. Victory went to Kim on the final score of 113-111. In this category, Tsyrempilov (RUS) qualified for the World Cup Final when he reached the quarter-final here on Thursday.Stage 3 of the Meteksan Archery World Cup 2007 is now over! The final stage will be held in Dover from 31 July to 5 August, and many places still remain undecided for the World Cup Final in Dubai on 24 November (maximum four spots per category). This bodes well for another exciting archery competition!

Ludivine Maitre Wicki , FITA Communication

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