Saturday, June 23, 2007

3D World Championships 2007 in Sorpon

Opening Ceremony and Qualification Rounds
Sopron – 7 June 2007

The Opening Ceremony of the 3D World Championships took place yesterday in the downtown of Sopron village. On Wednesday 6 June the teams paraded in front of the City Hall where they were introduced to the audience and authorities. The competition has started today 7 June with the qualification rounds for all categories.

The Deputy Mayor of Sopron welcomed the archers and wished them the best luck for the competition. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee (OC) and President of the Hungarian Archery Association, Mr. Sebastian Vanky, also directed some words to the participants expressing his happiness to have 19 countries participating in Sopron and being very proud to show a high level 3D event to all the Archery World. FITA Technical Delegate (TD) Juan Carlos Holgado officially opened the World Championships on behalf of the FITA President.

The competition started today with an excellent hot and sunny weather. All teams were ready to start at 8:00 in the morning. Two courses were to be used, with all archers doing both. Course A was a hard one, with many slopes, hills and up-down shots. Archers enjoyed it a lot, as the difficulty was high and many shots were just amazing.

Course B was more comfortable in walking, but not easier in shooting. Many tricky situations forced the archers to stay focussed on each shot. An archer mentioned at the end of the course that “I was missing an easy target; at least one to recover of some mistakes and at least feel that you are doing fine. All targets were very hard and high in difficulty”. Other positive comments were: “This is the best course I have ever done… excellent for a World Championship” and “the course designer did an excellent job”. Some others were quite funny: “In Hungary the –animals- in the course need to eat more… as they are small and far away”.

Time to completing the courses was terrific. While the OC had foreseen 4 to 4.5 hours for each course, archers just shot and enjoyed it so much that they completed the morning courses in 3.5 hours.

The afternoon session was planned to start at 3:00 pm, but a 20-min delay was caused by some archers who needed more time to arrive to their respective positions. Again the archers finalized the afternoon course in less than four hours, faster than expected.

Fair play and sportsmanship were showed today, when an Austrian archer faced an equipment failure in the middle of the competition and did not have a second bow with him. When he realized this, Lazos Spergel from Hungary lent his additional bow so that the Austrian could go on competing. This is one more proof of the excellent atmosphere that exists among competitors and organizers.

The competition session finished at 7:30 pm with the results posted on the boards. The team captains then provided the OC with the names for the team competition that will be held tomorrow morning (8 June). The afternoon session will be devoted to individual eliminations.
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